Let’s build innovative chemistry, caring about the future of humankind TOGETHER

Working at Minakem means interacting with intelligent and empowered people who focus on emerging technologies that are ground-breaking, exciting, and have a positive impact on humankind. If you like a fast-paced environment, a company without burdensome bureaucracy, and the ability to be involved in many aspects of internal and external business, we think you will like working at Minakem.

Our 4 pillars are Commitment, Team Work, Continuous Improvement and Innovation. They guide us in all of our day to day activities.

By joining our 450 people team in Europe, you will find:

  • A very dynamic and flexible customer-centric organization.
  • Your entrepreneurial and innovative spirit will allow you to take on opportunities directly.
  • You will have access to continuous training plans during all of your career paths to stay at a world-class expertise level: your personal development is our priority.

The daily desire to seek excellence and encourage audacity.

Be a player in the game! #teamMinakem

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Meet THe team

Fanny,? Production Manager, Dunkirk, France (in French)

Jér?me, R&D Scientist, Beuvry-la-Forêt, France